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Nashik is a western Indian city situated in Maharashtra. The headquarters of the Nashik district and Nashik Revenue Division are also based in the city. Located in the north-western part of the state the city is located at a distance of 185km and 205km from Mumbai and Pune respectively. It is the third largest city in terms of dimension only next to Mumbai and Pune in Maharashtra. Due to enormous development, the city ranks 11th among the most populated districts in the country and largest North Maharashtrian city.

The city acquired its present name during the reign of the Peshwas in the region in 1818. Within a short span of time the Peshwas lost the power and the region was seized and ruled by the British Government. During this time, in 1840, a premier modern library of Maharashtra was established in Nashik. Some eminent institutes of prime importance, including India Security press, HAL, Maharashtra Police Academy, Yasahvantrao Health Science University, MEERI were founded by the Government of India after the independence.

In 1982, the Nashik Municipality and the Nashik Road, Municipality were merged to form the Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) which is the main center of city administration at present. Major changes in designing and structuring were introduced CIDCO (New Nashik) to form a better planned area in an entire Nashik city under the NMC administration. However the Deolali region (an area within the Nashik urban agglomeration) is governed by the Deolali Cantonment Board.

Nashik is well known for the cultivation of onions, grapes and tomatoes. Nashik has for long remained an important center for the growth of table grapes. Hence the city is also called the Wine Capital of India. The two important printing units-the Indian Security Press (government stamp papers printing) and the Currency Note Press (Indian currency printing) are also situated on the Nashik Road. The Nashik district, a portion of the green belt, produces important crops, including Grapes, Sugarcane, Onion, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Lilly, Roses etc. It is largest producer in the country, accounting for maximum yield of these crops.

Located on the Godavari River bank, Nashik India is known for its scenic beauty, fine weather throughout the year, greeneries all around and many other attractions. This holy river originates in Trimbakeshwar which lies towards the southwest of the region and flows through old Nashik. There are also many famous temples and ghats situated on the banks of Godavari in the city. The Maha Kumbh Mela mass religious gathering that is held once in 12 years is held in Nashik making it an important place of Hindu pilgrimage.

The flourishing and rapidly developing city of Nashik receives masses of tourists every year with warmth and great hospitality. Nashik city is of huge importance owing to the presence of social, cultural, historical, and mythological attributes. The city has remarkable historical significance besides being an abode to some major commercial and educational organizations, having every aspect of a mini-metro. The pleasant weather throughout the year makes it an ideal place to visit to ensure lead an easy and progressive life without hurdles.

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